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SuperThrive (Dyna-Gro) Folliage Pro Fertilizer

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What is SuperThrive (Dyna-Gro) Folliage Pro Fertilizer?

Foliage-Pro® 9-3-6 is a highly effective complete nutrition formula that provides plants with all six essential macronutrients and all ten essential micronutrients necessary for optimal growth in any growing medium. This comprehensive formula ensures that plants receive the essential nutrients they need to thrive and flourish. The N-P-K (3-1-2) ratio of Foliage-Pro® 9-3-6 has been recommended by esteemed organizations such as the American Rose Society, the University of Florida, and various plant specialists. This ratio is considered ideal for promoting healthy growth in a wide range of plants, including roses, tropicals, legumes, and cannabis. By incorporating Foliage-Pro® 9-3-6 into your plant care routine, you can provide your plants with the perfect balance of macronutrients and micronutrients. The readily available minerals in this formula are in solution form, ensuring immediate absorption by the plants. This means that the nutrients are quickly and efficiently utilized by the plants to support their growth and development. Whether you're growing plants in soil, hydroponics systems, or any other growing medium, Foliage-Pro® 9-3-6 is designed to deliver exceptional results. Its complete and balanced formulation guarantees that your plants receive all the necessary nutrients for vigorous foliage growth and overall plant health. With Foliage-Pro® 9-3-6, you can rest assured that your plants are receiving optimal nutrition throughout their growth cycle. Experience the benefits of this trusted formula and witness the remarkable difference it can make in promoting lush foliage and vibrant blooms. Give your plants the advantage they deserve with Foliage-Pro® 9-3-6 and unlock their full potential for growth and vitality.


2. Stronger and healthier plants


3. Enhanced root development


4. Improved resistance to disease and pests


5. Natural and safe formula


Buy SuperThrive (Dyna-Gro) Folliage Pro Fertilizer today and see the difference in the growth and health of your plants!

Product Features / Benefits

The N-P-K ratio of Foliage-Pro is also ideal for phosphorous sensitive plants and supplies a high nitrate to ammoniacal nitrogen ratio needed to promote maximum internodal spacing resulting in stronger stems. The immediate availability to the plant, with our exclusive complete solutions, gives the grower optimum control with timing in a feeding schedule. Foliage-Pro, and all other Dyna-Gro products, are urea free and are formulated to eliminate salt build-up when used at recommended rates. Foliage-Pro should primarily be used as a root drench but may be applied as a foliar spray at lower concentrations for a quick fix of many mineral deficiencies. Dyna-Gro has the only complete, one-part nutrient formulas on the market today.