• Mad-Lab Nutrients Basic Kit

    Mad-Lab Nutrients Basic Kit

    In the quest for a healthier lifestyle, nutrition plays a pivotal role. It's not just about eating to fill your stomach; it's about nourishing your body with the right ingredients...
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  • SUNBLASTER LED Mini greenhouse Kit 18''

    SUNBLASTER LED Mini greenhouse Kit 18''

    Imagine having a lush garden of fresh herbs, vibrant flowers, or succulent vegetables right in the comfort of your home, all year round. The SUNBLASTER LED Mini Greenhouse Kit 18''...
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  • SUNBLASTER Universal T5 Stand

    SUNBLASTER Universal T5 Stand

    Are you a passionate indoor gardener looking to optimize your plant growth and simplify your cultivation process? Look no further than the SUNBLASTER Universal T5 Stand. This versatile and innovative...
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  • Good Transplantation Practice

    Good Transplantation Practice

    Plant transplanting is a crucial task in gardening, and it requires good techniques to ensure the plant's survival and growth. Providing good lighting and equipment, such as soil trays, pots,...
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  • Spring is right around the corner!

    Spring is right around the corner!

    Spring is right around the corner! Are you looking to purchase the right seedling equipment for your next harvest? Whether you are a novice or professional gardener, GrowDudes has the...
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  • Tips for Growing in Small Spaces

    Tips for Growing in Small Spaces

    Tips for Growing in Small Spaces Your Space Necessities For GrowingWhen you're cultivating plants, the size of your space can vary from a 2' x 2' x 4' grow tent...
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  • Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart App

    Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart App

    BudLabs - Hydroponics Grow App BudLabs is a mobile hydroponics grow guide developed by Advanced Nutrients. It is designed to help growers achieve reliable and consistent results in their grow...
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  • GrowDudes Hydroponics

    GrowDudes Hydroponics

    If you are in a country like Canada, the idea of having a garden indoors may seem implausible, yet with a grow tent kit, you can have your garden indoors....
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  • Lighting


    Our company was established over a decade ago and has grown to become one of the leading experts in manufacturing of light products.With all the numerous grow lights and systems...
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  • Good Climate

    Good Climate

    Healthy plants are critical to any successful farming operation. If you are working within the controlled environment of a grow room, the line of products offered by GrowDudes may be...
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