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SuperThrive Bonsai-Pro

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Promote Healthy Growth of Your Bonsai Trees with SuperThrive Bonsai-Pro

Bonsai Pro™ 7-9-5 is a specially formulated fertilizer designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of bonsai trees. Just like any other plant, bonsai trees require a balanced supply of N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) along with other essential macro and micronutrients to thrive. Bonsai Pro™ provides these vital nutrients in the ideal ratios to support healthy growth and development. Unlike normal trees that can spread their roots in search of nutrients, bonsai trees are confined to small pots. This limited root space makes it essential to provide regular and frequent applications of Bonsai Pro™ to ensure that the tree receives a consistent supply of nutrients. Weekly applications of this fertilizer can help compensate for the restricted root system and promote optimal growth. Bonsai Pro™ offers balanced growth throughout the life of the bonsai tree. Various factors such as temperature, light exposure, soil conditions, pruning practices, watering routines, and root structure can impact the growth and health of bonsai trees. By using Bonsai Pro™ regularly, you can provide your bonsai tree with a steady supply of essential nutrients, helping it withstand these environmental influences and maintain balanced growth. The carefully formulated composition of Bonsai Pro™ takes into account the specific needs of bonsai trees. It provides a balanced blend of nutrients that support overall plant health and vigor. This comprehensive fertilizer ensures that your bonsai tree receives all the necessary elements for optimal growth and development. By incorporating Bonsai Pro™ into your regular care routine, you can provide your bonsai tree with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive in its confined pot environment. Experience the benefits of this specialized fertilizer and enjoy healthy, vibrant bonsai trees that showcase balanced growth throughout their lives. Give your bonsai trees the advantage they deserve with Bonsai Pro™ 7-9-5 and witness the remarkable results it can deliver.

Product Features / Benefits

Maintenance: Mix 1/4 tsp. per gallon of water.
This is a stable mixture and does not have to be used all at once.
Use this solution to water your bonsai and for misting the foliage.
To Promote growth: For newly re-potted bonsai and all other container grown plants use 1/2 tsp. per gallon of water.
Note: 1/2 tsp. per gal = 1:1500