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Spider Farmer SF300 33W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light For Veg

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Upgrade Your Indoor Gardening Experience with the Spider Farmer SF300 LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer® SF300 33W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light For Veg

  • HIGH LIGHT EMISSION: The Spider Farmer SF300 vegetable grow light uses 192 Osram diodes to provide 74.92umol/S of output. It consumes only 72 watts of power, which is lower than the energy and electricity costs of fluorescent T5 bulbs. With a 120° beam angle, it increases the concentration of light, improving luminous efficiency, luminous flux and light concentration.
  • FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT: The vegetable grow light emits full spectrum light, 660-665nm (red), 730-740nm (IR), 2800K-3000K (warm white), 4800-5000K (blue), which has a significant effect on plant germination, flowering, fruiting, plant chlorophyll synthesis and photosynthesis.
  • LONG LIFE: High quality diodes emit very little heat. The LEDs are coated with a moisture and sulfur resistant coating for a life span of up to 50,000 hours.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN AND SETUP: Plug and play. Simply install in the socket, no need to change the ballast or fix it to any fixture. The slim design and cool operation make it perfect for space-constrained applications such as closets, shelves or countertop plantings. With this grow light, you can grow anywhere.
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: We offer 5 years of after-sales service at our local repair centers (USA/Canada/UK/Germany). Please make sure you are buying an authentic Spider Farmer grow light, this high quality grow light can really increase the yield. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Specification : SF300

Spectrum : 660-665nm, 730-740nm, 2800K-3000K, 4800-5000K

Diodes : 192 pcs

PPF : 74.92umol/S

PPE : 2.3 umol/J

Power draw : 35±5%@AC120V-240V

Coverage : 2x2.5ft

Light Size : 600*150*35.4MM

Package Size : 731*208*87MM

Gross Weight : 1.272KG

DB : 0dB

Input Voltage : AC100-240V

Amp : 0.4823A@AC120V, 0.2953A@AC240V

Operating Temperature : -20-35℃

Frequency : 50-60HZ

Lifespan : 55000H


Are you tired of struggling to get your indoor plants to flourish? Maybe you've tried other LED grow lights but found they still didn't give your plants the light they need to thrive. The Spider Farmer SF300 33W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light might just be the solution you've been searching for. Designed specifically for veg growth, this LED grow light is perfect for indoor gardening and can help bring the sunlight indoors for optimal plant growth.


The Spider Farmer SF300 LED Grow Light features a full spectrum design that includes both red and blue wavelengths, promoting healthy plant growth during the vegetative stage of growth. With its efficient and bright SMD LED technology, this grow light can easily replace traditional HPS or MH grow lights that consume a lot of power and generate heat.


The SF300 is a low wattage grow light, but it still produces a lot of light due to its efficient design and advanced LED technology. At only 33 watts, this LED grow light can produce an output of 120 PAR at 18 inches from the plant canopy. This output level provides plenty of light for your plants to thrive while using minimal amounts of electricity and generating almost no heat.


Installation of the SF300 is easy. The included hanging kit allows you to position the light above your plants at the desired height. The durable aluminum construction of the light ensures that it will last for years without rusting or corroding. The SF300 also comes with a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.


Overall, the Spider Farmer SF300 33W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is an excellent choice for those who want to provide their indoor plants with optimal light during the vegetative stage of growth. With its full spectrum design, efficient LED technology, and low wattage usage, this LED grow light will bring the sunlight indoors and help your plants thrive.