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Jack's Nutrients Cal Nit Part B

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Maximize Your Plant Growth

With Jack's Nutrients Cal Nit Part B, you can give your plants the best possible growth. Our fertilizer is specially designed to provide all the essential nutrients to your plants, promoting healthy and vigorous growth. With this fertilizer, you can ensure that your plants are getting all the necessary nutrients for their optimal development.


Jack's Nutrients Cal Nit Part B is carefully formulated to be used in hydroponic systems, soilless media, and other soil-based systems. Our fertilizer consists of specialized plant nutrients, which enhance plant growth, improve yield and make your plants more resistant to disease and pests.


Our product is a two-part liquid fertilizer, which must be used in conjunction with Jack's Nutrients Cal Nit Part A. The combination of these two fertilizers provides an optimum nutrient balance, which allows your plants to thrive. Our nutrient mix is specifically designed for commercial horticulture and agricultural use, making it perfect for use in large-scale operations.


To use Jack's Nutrients Cal Nit Part B, simply mix it with water, and apply it to your plants according to the instructions. With regular use, you can ensure that your plants have a strong root system and grow faster, bigger, and healthier. No matter what type of crop you are growing, Jack's Nutrients Cal Nit Part B will ensure that it reaches its full potential.