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Anden Filter for A95

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Maintain Your Anden A95 Dehumidifier with a Replacement Filter

Discover the power of Anden dehumidifiers designed to maximize growth and optimize performance in your indoor environment. Introducing the Anden 5771 Multi-Pleat 11, a highly specialized replacement filter specifically crafted for use in Anden dehumidifiers. The Anden 5771 features a dual-layered 100% synthetic media, meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional filtration capabilities. Its unique design comprises an upstream electrostatically enhanced layer (the E-Layer) and a downstream mechanical layer (the M-Layer). This advanced filtration system ensures superior air quality by effectively capturing particles and impurities. Installing the Anden 5771 replacement filter is a breeze. With its hassle-free design, you can easily install it without any assembly or reinforcements required. Say goodbye to worries about complicated installations or time-consuming setups. Protect your valuable equipment and ensure optimal performance with Anden dehumidifiers and their specially designed replacement filters. Experience the difference in maintaining a healthy growth environment while safeguarding your equipment. Upgrade to Anden today and unlock the full potential of your indoor cultivation space!

More details about Anden Filter for A95:


  • Replacement filter for ANDEN Dehumidifier Model: A95
  • MERV 11 Filter for Superior Equipment Protection
  • Upgraded protection from standard pleated filters
  • High holding capacity
  • Anden Dehumidifiers are designed with easy access for simple filter changes
  • Dimensions: 10 x 12 x 1