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Anden Filter for A70

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Efficient Anden Filters for A70 Dehumidifiers

Experience unparalleled growth potential with Anden dehumidifiers, meticulously designed to create the perfect environment for your plants. Introducing the Anden 5772 Multi-Pleat 11, a highly specialized replacement filter exclusively engineered for use in Anden dehumidifiers. Crafted with precision, the Anden 5772 features a dual-layered 100% synthetic media that delivers exceptional filtration performance. Its innovative design consists of an upstream electrostatically enhanced layer (the E-Layer) and a downstream mechanical layer (the M-Layer). This advanced filtration system ensures optimal air quality by effectively capturing particles and impurities. Installing the Anden 5772 replacement filter is a breeze. With its user-friendly design, you can effortlessly install it without any assembly or reinforcements required. Say goodbye to complicated installations and time-consuming setups. Protect your valuable equipment and ensure peak performance with Anden dehumidifiers and their specially designed replacement filters. Create an ideal growth environment while safeguarding your equipment from contaminants. Upgrade to Anden today and witness remarkable growth results in your indoor cultivation space!

More details about Anden Filter for A70:


  • Includes: (6) Replacement filters for ANDEN Dehumidifier Model: A70
  • MERV 11 Filter for Superior Equipment Protection
  • Upgraded protection from standard pleated filters
  • High holding capacity
  • Anden Dehumidifiers are designed with easy access for simple filter changes
  • Dimensions: 8 x 11-3/4 x 1