Ac Infinity Uis to Uis Extension Cable L-Shaped Male to Male 10 ft

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Ac Infinity Uis to Uis Extension Cable: L-Shaped Male to Male 10 ft

Uis to Uis Extension Cable L-Shaped Male to Male 10 ft

Product Description:
Introducing an extension cable specifically designed to connect AC Infinity controllers with fan and grow light devices for use in various grow setups. Enhance the functionality of your smart controller by extending its reach to compatible devices, allowing for intelligent features such as climate triggers, timers, and scheduling. The extender cord boasts a compact design tailored to fit UIS connectors and ports, ensuring a tight and secure connection. Compatible controllers include CONTROLLER 69 and CONTROLLER 63.

  • An extension cable to connect AC Infinity controllers to fan and light devices in grow applications.
  • Compact design engineered to fit with UIS™ connectors and ports and ensure a firm, secure connection.
  • Provides UIS™ devices with smart controls like temperature humidity triggers, timers, and scheduling.
  • Creates a connection over longer distances with controllers like CONTROLLER 69 PRO and CONTROLLER 63.
  • Works with CLOUDRAY, CLOUDLINE LITE, IONGRID, IONBOARD, and more in grow tents, rooms, and closets.


This L-connector cable is used to extend the connection between your existing AC Infinity controller and UIS devices, compatible with the following in grow tent, room, and closet settings:

  • CONTROLLER 69/69 PRO – Grow Tent Controllers
  • CONTROLLER 63 – Wireless Fan Speed Controller
  • CLOUDRAY Series – Clip-on Circulation Fans
  • CLOUDLINE LITE Series – Inline Duct Fans
  • CLOUDWAY S-Series – Whole House Fans
  • AIRLIFT Series – Shutter Exhaust Fans
  • AIRBLAZE S-Series – Fireplace Blower Fans
  • AIRTITAN S-Series – Crawl Space & Basement Fans
  • IONGRID Series – Halo LED Grow Lights
  • IONBOARD Series – LED Grow Light Boards
  • IONBEAM Series – LED Supplemental Lighting

Are you looking for a high-quality extension cable for your Ac Infinity Uis unit? Look no further than the L-Shaped Male to Male 10 ft cable from Ac Infinity. This cable provides a secure and reliable connection between your Uis unit and its controller, so you can control your device with ease.


The L-Shaped Male to Male 10 ft cable features a sturdy and durable design that is built to last. The cable is constructed from high-quality materials, including a strong and flexible PVC jacket that resists damage from bending and stretching. It also features gold-plated connectors that provide a secure and interference-free connection between your Uis and controller.


At 10 feet in length, this cable provides plenty of room to move and position your Uis unit where you need it. The L-shaped male to male design makes it easy to connect to your Uis unit and controller without any added bulk or strain on the cables.


When you purchase the Ac Infinity Uis to Uis Extension Cable L-Shaped Male to Male 10 ft, you can trust that you are getting a reliable and high-quality product. Ac Infinity is a trusted name in the industry, known for their durable and high-performance products. So why wait? Order your L-Shaped Male to Male 10 ft extension cable today and take your Uis unit to the next level!