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Ac infinity duct carbon filter australian charcoal 8-inch

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A High-Quality Carbon Filter for Your Growing Environment

Ac infinity duct carbon filter australian charcoal 8-inch


Our advanced duct filter with high airflow capacity utilizes activated carbon to effectively neutralize odors and chemicals, making it ideal for hydroponics, grow rooms, kitchens, smoking areas, and various ventilation projects. The premium-grade Australian Virgin charcoal bed ensures optimal performance. Use this filter with an inline duct fan for both intake and exhaust configurations. The heavy-duty construction includes aluminum flanges and double-sided galvanized steel mesh. To extend the filter's lifespan, the flanges can be reversed. Two machine washable pre-filter cloths are provided to prevent carbon buildup, along with two straps for effortless installation.


Each carbon filter is equipped with a high-quality Australian Virgin charcoal bed rated at 1200+ IAV. The 38mm thick charcoal bed and broader mesh openings are possible due to its enhanced microporosity and surface area rating. This combination not only results in a higher adsorption rate without impeding free airflow but also allows the carbon filter to last up to 33% longer.

  • Designed to eliminate odors and chemicals for grow tents and hydroponics room. 
  • Features premium-grade Australian charcoal with higher adsorption and longer life rating. 
  • Contains heavy-duty aluminum flanges, galvanized steel meshing, two hanging straps, and two clothed pre-filters.
  • Enables maximum airflow passthrough for both intake and exhaust configurations.  
  • Duct Opening: 8” | Length: 20" | Airflow Rating: 770 CFM | Carbon: Australian RC412 at 1200+ IAV | Thickness: 38mm

If you're looking for an effective solution to keep your growing environment clean and odor-free, the Ac Infinity 8-inch Duct Carbon Filter is perfect for you. This premium-quality carbon filter is made from Australian charcoal and designed to remove foul odors, harmful gases, and impurities from the air. It can be used with ventilation fans, ducts, grow tents, and other air-circulation systems to create a clean and healthy growing environment for your plants.


The Ac Infinity Duct Carbon Filter features a compact and lightweight design that's easy to install and maintain. It comes with a pre-filter that captures large particles, dust, and debris, extending the life of the carbon filter. The Australian charcoal used in this filter is of the highest quality, ensuring that it effectively removes even the most stubborn odors and gases from the air.


This carbon filter is designed for use with 8-inch ducts and features a flange and duct clamp that provide a secure and airtight fit. It's perfect for use in grow tents, hydroponic gardens, greenhouses, and other indoor growing spaces. The Ac Infinity Duct Carbon Filter is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create a clean, healthy, and odor-free environment for their plants to thrive in.


In conclusion, if you're in need of a high-quality duct carbon filter to help control the odor of your growing environment, the Ac Infinity 8-inch Duct Carbon Filter with Australian Charcoal is a top-notch option. With its premium-quality materials and efficient design, this carbon filter is sure to keep your growing area clean and healthy. Order yours today!