Ac Infinity Cloudforge T5 Environmental Plant Humidifier 9L Smart Control Targeted Vaporizing

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Why Choose Ac Infinity Cloudforge T5 Environmental Plant Humidifier?

Cloudforge T5 Environmental Plant Humidifier 9L Smart Control Targeted Vaporizing

Introducing a cutting-edge humidifier specifically designed with intelligent controls and accurate vapor emission to achieve the perfect humidity levels for plant cultivation. It comes with a state-of-the-art EC ultrasonic vaporizer that uses digital pulses to provide up to 10 adjustable moisture output levels, allowing you precise management of humidity in your growing area. The integrated controller offers intelligent humidity and timer settings, supported by a wired precision humidity sensor. Its digital display actively shows current humidity levels and can be switched off when needed. Moreover, the system includes an automatic shutoff feature that safeguards it when the water reservoir runs out. The package comprises a 9L water tank and an extendable tube, extendable over 4 feet in length. This product is part of the UIS™ family of advanced growing devices and smart controllers, meant to flawlessly work together to create your perfect growing environment.

  • Designed with smart controls and precision vapors to obtain optimal humidity levels for plant growth.
  • Next-gen EC ultrasonic vaporizer can reach up to 10 levels of humidity for fine-tuned moisture control.
  • Corded sensor probe and extendable tubing enable the humidifier to be positioned outside the grow tent.
  • Features smart humidity and timer programming, hideable backlit display, and auto-start with backup memory.
  • Connects to UIS controllers for dynamic climate triggers, grow cycles, scheduling, alerts, and app control.

The high-tech environmental humidifier boasts an onboard controller that comes with sophisticated humidity and timer configurations. It allows digital selection of four primary moisture output levels which can be expanded up to 10 levels using a UIS controller. The corded sensor probe included ensures rapid readings for prompt adjustments to any climatic fluctuations. Integration with UIS controllers facilitates seamless coordination with other growing equipment while granting access to adaptive climate triggers, growth cycles, and planned routines. With app connectivity, manage your devices from anywhere, and benefit from advanced automations, notifications, climate graphs, CSV data exportation, and more!

This series has been meticulously developed to cater specifically to grow-space conditions. The adaptable tubing and wired humidity sensor allow the humidifier to be placed outside the grow tent for space conservation. Additionally, the tubing can extend beyond 4 feet in length to provide targeted moisture delivery to specific areas of your growth setup. You can also disable the backlit display while the device is in operation to prevent disturbance to your plants' light cycles.

The Ac Infinity Cloudforge T5 Environmental Plant Humidifier is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep their environment at optimal moisture levels. The humidifier is built with smart control and targeted vaporizing features that help to regulate humidity levels and keep air healthy and breathable.


This humidifier has been specifically designed for use in plant environments to help maintain optimum conditions for plant growth. The targeted vaporizing feature directly targets the area that needs moisture, avoiding over-humidification of unnecessary areas.


With a 9L water capacity, the Ac Infinity Cloudforge T5 Environmental Plant Humidifier can hold enough water for up to 53 hours of operation. The humidifier is also built with a high-quality ceramic disc that helps to atomize water into ultra-fine particles, allowing for efficient and effective humidification.


The smart control feature of this humidifier allows you to set humidity levels based on your needs. The humidifier has an integrated hygrometer that accurately measures the humidity in the air and adjusts the humidity levels accordingly. You can also set a timer for the humidifier to automatically turn off after a certain amount of time.


In addition to the smart control features, the Ac Infinity Cloudforge T5 Environmental Plant Humidifier is built with a range of safety features that make it safe to use in any environment. The humidifier has a built-in water level sensor that ensures the unit automatically stops running when the water level is too low. Additionally, the humidifier has an overheat protection feature that ensures the unit automatically shuts off when the unit gets too hot.


Overall, the Ac Infinity Cloudforge T5 Environmental Plant Humidifier is a top-of-the-line humidifier that provides effective and efficient humidification while also being safe, user-friendly, and environmentally conscious.