AC Infinity Air Filtration Kit Pro 4 inch inline fan with smart controller carbon filter

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Enhance indoor air quality with the AC Infinity Air Filtration Kit Pro

  • An air filtration kit with everything you need to cool, ventilate, and control odors in your grow space.
  • Features the CLOUDLINE inline fan with a PWM-controlled EC motor for quiet and energy efficient ventilation.
  • Smart controller sets climate triggers, schedules, and grow cycles. Access graphs and alerts via Bluetooth app.
  • Australian carbon filter with flexible ducting traps odors while routing stale air away from your grow tent.
  • Kit Duct Size: 4” | Airflow: 205 CFM | Noise 29 dBA | Carbon Thickness: 38 mm | Ducting Length: 25 ft.


A grow tent air filtration system with all the necessary inline components you need to ventilate your grow space. By assembling these essential pieces, this package will help you quickly get your grow build started and eliminate the guesswork of purchasing them individually. This inline fan kit features the CLOUDLINE Series fan that is capable of delivering powerful yet quieter performance. Paired with a carbon filter using Australian virgin charcoal to block odors from seeping out of your grow tent. These two pieces are connected by a set of flexible ducting with four layers of protection to properly direct airflow away. Accessories include duct clamps, prefilter cloth, rope clip hangers, and hanging straps to complete the installation. This product is a part of the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to integrate with each other to achieve your ideal environment.


CONTROLLER 69 distributes smart programming to the quiet inline fan to keep temperature and humidity in check and produce the optimal environment. Set dynamic programs that go beyond on/off triggering and adjust fan speed in response to changing indoor climate. Minimum baseline levels keep the inline fan running at low speeds for consistent airflow while timer, cycle, and schedule modes add custom on-demand activation. Equipped with four ports to expand your airflow or add lighting for growing applications. Securely connect with the AC Infinity app via Bluetooth to remotely access your devices, unlock advance programs, set alarms, notifications, view historical charts, and export CSV data.


The included CLOUDLINE Series inline fan features a PWM-controlled EC motor, enabling smooth operation at low RPM speeds with no additional heat or noise. It achieves high-performance airflow fit for grow tents thanks to its mixed-flow design and its use of stator blades and hydrodynamic wind circles. Dual ball bearings give this inline fan a 67,000-hour lifespan which is backed by its IP-44 rating, resisting dust and splashing liquids.

The AC Infinity Air Filtration Kit Pro 4 Inch Inline Fan with Smart Controller Carbon Filter is the ultimate solution to keep the indoor air quality fresh. Whether you are setting it up for your home or office, this carbon filter unit is an effective way to eliminate impurities and harmful particles from the air.


The kit includes a smart controller that allows you to set up the fan speed, timer, and adjust the temperature according to your preference. Made with high-quality materials, the filter is designed to provide long-lasting performance while ensuring that the air you breathe is free from contaminants.


With its compact and quiet operation, the AC Infinity Air Filtration Kit Pro can easily fit into your existing ventilation system without taking up much space. Additionally, the carbon filter unit is easy to install and maintain, making it a convenient solution to improve indoor air quality.


Investing in the AC Infinity Air Filtration Kit Pro is a smart choice for anyone who wants to breathe easy and stay healthy. With its advanced filtration system, you can rest assured that you and your family are breathing in fresh and clean air.