AC Infinity Advance Grow Tent System 2x2x72'' 1-Plant Kit, Circulation, Full Spectrum Led grow Light

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Complete Indoor Gardening Solution

AC Infinity Advance Grow Tent System 24''x24''x72'' 1-Plant Kit, Circulation, Full Spectrum Led grow Light

Product Description

Introducing an advanced grow tent system that provides the ideal conditions for successful plant growth with intelligent controls. The system features an inline fan, carbon filter, and ducting to regulate temperature, humidity, and odor, while an oscillating clip-on fan circulates air inside the high-density oxford grow tent. The LM301B diodes on the LED grow light board simulate natural sunlight and optimize growth, and the sturdy steel frame and Mylar walls create a climate-controlled grow space.

Intelligent Programming

The CONTROLLER 69 PRO central control unit enables dynamic programming and can activate grow devices in response to VPD levels, temperature, and humidity, with customizable timer, cycle, and schedule modes. The kit includes all necessary components, such as the CloudLab 722 grow tent, Controller 69 PRO, CloudLine Lite 4 inline fan, IonBoard S22 LED grow light board, and various accessories. Connect to the AC Infinity app via WiFi to remotely access your indoor grow system and unlock advanced features, alerts, notifications, and historical charts.

Complete Kit

This package assembles all the essential components to help you quickly start your indoor grow while eliminating the guesswork of purchasing them individually. The full grow tent kit will include the following:

  • CLOUDLAB 722 – Advance Grow Tent 24”x24”x72” (x1)
  • CONTROLLER 69 PRO – Grow Tent Controller (x1)
  • CLOUDLINE LITE 4 - Inline Fan 4" (x1)
  • IONBOARD S22 – LED Grow Light Board 100W (x1)
  • CLOUDRAY S6 – Oscillating Circulation Clip Fan (x1)
  • Carbon Filter 4” (x1)
  • 4” Flexible Ducting, 8’ Long (x1)
  • Hanging Straps (x2)
  • Rope Clip Hangers (x2)
  • 4” Steel Clamps (x2)
  • 5’ Duct Tape (x1)
  • Hook and Loop Ties (x10)
  • 6’ UIS Male to Male Controller Cord (x1)
  • 6’ L-Shaped UIS Male to Male Controller Cord (x1)
  • 5-gallon Fabric Pots (x2)
  • Elastic Trellis Netting 2x2’ (x1)
  • Black Wire Twist Ties (x1)
  • Micro-tip Pruning Shears (x1)

The AC Infinity Advance Grow Tent System is a complete indoor gardening solution for those seeking to grow plants at home. The 2x2x72'' grow tent is made with heavy-duty materials and features reflective mylar lining that maximizes light distribution and minimizes heat loss.


The kit also includes a full spectrum LED grow light that provides plants with the light they require at all stages of growth. The LED grow light emits light in the blue and red spectrum, which are the wavelengths required for photosynthesis, while also providing a white light that mimics natural sunlight.


To promote proper air circulation, the kit includes two circulation fans that help to distribute air evenly throughout the grow tent. The fans are equipped with an adjustable speed controller, allowing you to adjust the airflow to your plants' needs.


The AC Infinity Advance Grow Tent System is perfect for those who want to get started with indoor gardening but don't want to invest in a larger setup. With the 1-plant kit, you can grow a single plant and learn the ins and outs of indoor gardening before expanding to a larger setup.


Overall, the AC Infinity Advance Grow Tent System is a great option for those looking to grow plants in the comfort of their own homes. The kit includes everything you need to get started and is designed to be easy to use, making it perfect for beginners and experienced indoor gardeners alike.