Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without the soil, by providing them with oxygen and necessary mineral nutrients that are dissolved in water. At GrowDudes, we are a leading supplier of high-quality gardening equipment such as hydroponic systems and water culture systems across Canada. We believe in providing an exceptional array of outdoor, indoor and greenhouse products as well as providing expert advice to Canada's gardening community.
Whether it is here on our website or in our stores, our objective is to offer unrivalled choice and assistance. Since we have been in the market for many years, you can be guaranteed that you will be dealing with an established, reputable retailer and a team of personnel that have enormous knowledge and expertise in matters regarding indoor gardening and food production.
Our brilliant customer service level combined with our specialist expertise as well as reliable advice is the reason why GrowDudes has become the number one selection for a plethora of growers both beginners and professional. We have the best products in the market, the largest product range, the best understanding of our customers' needs, and the highest level of quality service – What more could you expect from your supplier of hydroponic systems?

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