Ju1ceBox Rosin Press

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  • Includes:

- Ju1ceBox Handheld Press


  • 110/220volt compatible (worldwide)
  • 1" x 1.5" plates (ideal for 1-2g)


Following are some of the essential pointers we would like to share with our customers regarding the functioning of our product:

  • - Fire in = Fire out. Try our Ju1ceBox Farms flower strains for 20%+ yields. 
  • - Flower- We recommend pressing your flower into a small puck with your finger or pre-press and only press it one time. Apply the maximum hand pressure possible without strain. 
  • - Shake, kief, and hash- we recommend using our stainless-steel pre-press to make a puck and or using our 90-micron rosin bags. 
  • -Large press of 1-2 grams – We recommend using our stainless-steel pre-press and pre-pressing your material into a puck. 
  • -Leftovers or chips- Save the left-over chips and use them with our edible recipes.

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