Load image into Gallery viewer, Xtreme Gardening AZOS root booster/growth promoter
Load image into Gallery viewer, Xtreme Gardening AZOS root booster/growth promoter
Load image into Gallery viewer, Xtreme Gardening AZOS root booster/growth promoter

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Xtreme Gardening AZOS root booster/growth promoter

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Xtreme Gardening AZOS root booster/growth promoter

AZOS® is a 100% natural, growth-enhancing, nitrogen-fixing bacteria perfect for cloning and transplanting plants. Azos transforms nitrogen into a plant-usable form, providing crucial nutrients for forming lush vegetation and supporting robust growth. By boosting natural root development, Azos fosters overall plant growth. This beneficial bacterium fixes atmospheric nitrogen and converts it into an accessible nutrient for plants. The supplementary nitrogen source accelerates the establishment of roots, leading to quicker vegetative growth.

Significance of Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria – Among the various nutrients absorbed by plants from the soil, nitrogen is the most vital element. It stimulates chlorophyll production in foliage, maintaining plants' green color and optimal function. Nitrogen plays a critical role in amino acids and other compounds that ensure crop health and yield. Present in every protein molecule, nitrogen is often insufficient in soils despite being abundant in the atmosphere (around 80%) in the form of N2 or atmospheric nitrogen.

Atmospheric Nitrogen Conversion 

During the evolutionary progression of the "Plant-Soil-Microbial Matrix," specific bacteria began specializing in tasks that enhance plant growth while also receiving food source exchanges from the plants. A certain group of bacteria known as "Diazotrophs" started supplying nitrogen from various sources to plants, such as decomposed plant debris, deceased microorganisms, and captured atmospheric nitrogen. Azos belongs to this last group, primarily functioning as an efficient atmospheric nitrogen converter.

A Natural Isolate From the Amazon Basin 

Azos is an outstandingly effective agent initially isolated within the Amazon Basin. The ecosystem there has limited soil resources, rapid decomposition of vegetation by microbes, and environmental conditions where plant “Growth to Survive” is paramount. AZOS excels at converting N2 form of nitrogen into ammoniacal nitrogen that is readily available to plants.

Optimized Plant Growth 

By increasing the accessibility of nitrogen in the soil, AZOS can trigger a natural growth hormone within plants that encourage enhanced root and vegetative growth. Ideal for rooting out cuttings, transplanting, and water-based applications during different stages of plant development, AZOS effectively contributes to more robust and healthy plants.