Wachsen Cloning Cart 4 Level White W / T5 Wachsen

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Wachsen Professional Cloning Carts are the ideal solution for growing your cannabis seedlings and marijuana clones. Our grow carts were built for cannabis cultivation, with features that meet or exceed the requirements of our tightly regulated industry. The Wachsen Professional grow cart will help simplify your cloning and seedling stage while increasing your success rate.

  • 4 growing levels with 4 light shelves fitted with Philips T5 fluorescent lighting (4 fluorescent per fixture)
  • 4 cutting levels + 1 top shelf for storage
  • Adjustable height in 1 1/4" increments
  • Hold 1152 to 1664 clones (depending on cloning method)
  • Additional shelves available
  • 4 growing levels
  • 8 spill proof ABS trays (2 per level)
  • 1 Wachsen light fixture 4 lamps
  • 16 fluorescent tube 48" T5 High Output 54W
  • Brackets & connectors
Philips T5 specs
  • Cap-Base: G5
  • Life to 50% failures preheat (nom): 30,000h
  • Features: High Output Alto
  • Color code: 865 (CCT of 6500K)
  • Luminous flux (nom): 4650 lm
  • Luminous flux (rated) (nom): 4200 lm
  • Luminous efficacy (@max lumen, rated)(nom): 86 lm/W
  • Correlated color temperature (nom): 6300K
  • Luminous efficacy (rated)(nom): 77 lm/W
  • Color rendering index: Max: 85 - Min: 80 - Nom: 82
  • Power (rated)(nom): 54.1 W
  • Lamp current (nom): 0.455 A
  • Design Temperature (nom): 35°C
  • Dimmable: Yes

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