Bionova Veganics Bloom NPK 2-2-5

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Main fertilizer

100% vegan ingredients – Concentration 1:250 – NPK 2-2-5

Next level organic growing

Veganics Grow & Bloom are 100% organic vegetal liquid nutrients. Veganics Bloom is an unique blend of entirely plant based raw materials and organic minerals. containing no animal waste and very low in ballast salts. This vegan nutrient is a complete NPK fertilizer and specially formulated for organic horticulture. Veganics Bloom contains all the necessary ingredients for an abundant flowering. This will lead to a healthy and effective soil life. Fruits and flowers of a better quality and taste! Veganics Bloom must be used with Veganics Grow.

What is Bionova Veganics Bloom?

Cleanest and purest yields
- Terpenes of the highest possible grade
- No rest or waste material/nutrients in the crop
- Intense fine smell
- Free of heavy metals
- Cleanest nutrient in the world

Veganics Bloom contains plant based raw materials, various algae’s grown in a controlled environment, enriched with primordial sea minerals and mixed with pure low saline seawater. All organic matters are quickly mineralized and absorbed by plants tissues (roots, stems, leaves), improving their physiological activity and natural defense against stress/attacks. Veganics allows you to obtain the cleanest possible products with highest concentrations of flavours, smells and amazing coloured flowers. We’ve created a combination of natural based elements, plus the special and unique selection of primordial micro-organisms. By not only respecting the typical varietal genetic resin production, Veganics promote the entire bio-chemical pathway improving the bio-synthesis of new terpenes, pigments and other healthy compounds increasing the quality and shelf life of the end products.

Tips from Bionova growers

✔  Can be used as a booster in Profimix and Microlife tea formulation:  add from 2-4 ml of Veganics Bloom per litre of water in the organic tea preparation tank, connect an air pump inside and let the mix fermentate for 24/36h, use the organic tea in around 6 hours.

How to use Bionova Bloom?

Bionova Veganics Bloom is usable from first week of growth until harvest, flushing is mandatory

Bionova Veganics Bloom is mixable with all Vegan products: Vegan PK 3-5. X-ceL. TML & Roots

Bionova Veganics Bloom can be used as irrigation, but refresh your nutrient mixture every 2-3 days

Technical specifications

Application in irrigation
Continuously 15-45 ml per 10 liters of water, from first day until harvest.

Application as foliar spray
Not usable as foliar.

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