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Record-Breaking Throughput
Featuring dual 304 stainless steel tumblers providing 6.5 cubic feet of tumbler volume, T-ZERO moves over 600lbs per hour of product, both gently and efficiently.
  • Variable speed control and angle adjustments allows fine tuning specific to cultivar characteristics
  • Lean workflow using single piece flow
  • Water mist system for high throughput of wet trimming
  • Optional air-lock installation for continuous trim separation directly onto conveyors
Commercial Grade Automation
The new Siemens PLC based Z-OS touchscreen HMI combines powerful precision, flexibility and customization features.
  • Programmable set points and data collection allow for tracking metrics and KPIs
  • Optional SCADA integration
  • Water mist system for high throughput of wet trimming
  • Optional connectivity for remote diagnostics and monitoring using web based app
Complete Control Over Quality
Never before have facilities had this type of control over the product and overall production.
  • Variable speed blades, tumbler and airflow
  • Configurable machine incline levels
  • Individual control of both conveyors
  • Customized “recipes” via touchscreen
Industry Leading Performance
Powered by an industrial-grade 20HP motor, T-ZERO is ready for the largest production demands in the industry.
  • 20 HP blade motor, 1 HP tumbler motor, 25 HP blower motor
  • 5000 CFM trim collection
  • Self-cleaning filters with HEPA filtration
  • Water mist system reduces friction
Safety Focused
HEPA filtration paired with full safety lock-outs, motor brakes and access restrictions provide confidence in operational safety.
  • 2-Stage HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of all airborne contaminants and particulate down to 0.3 micron
  • Compliant with health and safety authorities
  • Dual monitored safety systems with LED illumination
  • Powered incline adjustments
  • LED illumination
Easy to Clean
No detail has been left unnoticed. T-ZERO features 304 stainless steel materials and IP65 electronics for full machine washdown environments.
  • FDA approved belt material on conveyors that can be flipped up for easy-to-access cleaning
  • Trim collection uses easily cleanable cyclone technology
  • Air powered self cleaning filters
  • Water mist system reduces friction and allow for simple cleaning
  • Air system is plumbed with quick-connect, 304 stainless steel ducting
  • Throughput of up to +600 lbs/hr hour wet
  • Industry leading power for continuous duty operation
  • Trims wet and dry
  • 304 SS components for GMP compliance
  • IP65 electronics for true washdown environments
  • Quad blades generate 56,000 cuts/minute
  • Dual 304 stainless steel tumblers provide
  • 6.5 ft3 tumbler volume
  • Industrial grade automation provides reliability and user safety
  • Full customization of all inputs from Z-OS touchscreen HMI
  • Programmable set-points and data collection allow for tracking metrics and KPIs
  • 2-Stage HEPA air filtration
  • Air-powered self cleaning filters
  • Water misters reduce friction and allow for simple cleaning
  • Rotary airlock for trim collection directly onto conveyors
  • Wireless connectivity using WiFi, Bluetooth or LTE for remote diagnostics and monitoring
  • Blade Motor: 20 HP
  • Tumbler Motor:1 HP
  • Blower Motor: 25 HP
  • Trim Collection: 5000 CFM
  • Power: 460/600 3 Phase

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