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STIM-ROOT #3 Rooting Powder

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What is STIM-ROOT #3 rooting powder?

Stim-Root, like other rooting hormones, will not make roots grow, rather it enhances the plants own ability to produce roots by supplying plant hormone at the point of rooting to help initiate root development. Use Stim Root #3 - 0.8% Indole-3-butyric acid IBA for harder/woodier cuttings. Stim-Root #3 is especially formulated to encourage quick establishment of roots on hardwood plants. Like other rooting hormones, will not make roots grow but enhances the plants ability to produce roots.


STIM-ROOT #3 500 G ROOTING POWDER is a premium quality rooting hormone that is specifically designed to promote root growth in plants. Whether you are propagating new plants from cuttings or trying to encourage root growth in an established plant, STIM-ROOT #3 rooting powder is the ideal solution.


Made from a carefully balanced blend of natural rooting hormones, minerals, and nutrients, STIM-ROOT #3 rooting powder is a highly effective and fast-acting formulation that stimulates rapid root growth in all types of plants.


What sets STIM-ROOT #3 rooting powder apart from other rooting hormones is its unique blend of ingredients. Unlike other formulations which can be harsh and damaging to delicate plant tissues, STIM-ROOT #3 rooting powder is gentle and nurturing, providing plants with the ideal mix of nutrients to support healthy root development.


With STIM-ROOT #3 rooting powder, you can expect to see rapid and robust root growth in your plants, leading to stronger and healthier plants overall.