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ProFilter 150 Reversible

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ProFilter 150 Reversible - High-Quality Reversible Oil Filter

The ProFilter Carbon Air Filter is a state-of-the-art air purification device engineered to deliver exceptional indoor air quality by effectively capturing a wide array of airborne pollutants and odors. This advanced filter harnesses the power of premium activated carbon to ensure that the air you breathe is clean, fresh, and free from harmful contaminants.

Key features of the ProFilter Carbon Air Filter:

  1. Advanced Air Purification: Engineered with precision, the ProFilter Carbon Air Filter employs a specialized composition of activated carbon that possesses an expansive surface area comprised of countless microscopic pores. This structure enables the filter to proficiently adsorb and trap a diverse range of airborne impurities.

  2. Comprehensive Pollutant Removal: The filter excels at capturing various pollutants that can compromise indoor air quality, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), noxious gases, smoke, and other harmful particles. This makes it an indispensable addition to any indoor space, particularly where maintaining a healthy environment is paramount.

  3. Odor Neutralization: Thanks to its adeptness at adsorbing molecules responsible for unpleasant odors, the ProFilter Carbon Air Filter effectively eliminates and neutralizes odorous elements from the air. This ensures that the air remains both pure and refreshingly odor-free.

  4. Enhanced Health and Comfort: By effectively removing potentially harmful particles and contaminants from the air, the ProFilter Carbon Air Filter contributes to the well-being and comfort of occupants. This is especially beneficial for those with allergies, respiratory sensitivities, or anyone seeking a healthier living or working environment.

  5. Extended Lifespan: Crafted with durability in mind, the ProFilter Carbon Air Filter's advanced design leads to an extended operational life compared to conventional air filters. Its superior adsorption capacity reduces the frequency of replacements, providing long-term cost efficiency.

  6. Simple Installation: Designed for easy integration into a variety of air filtration systems, the ProFilter Carbon Air Filter offers straightforward installation and maintenance. Its user-friendly design streamlines the process for hassle-free setup.

  7. Versatile Application: Available in multiple sizes and configurations, the ProFilter Carbon Air Filter suits diverse environments and purposes. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, this filter can be tailored to meet specific air purification needs.

In essence, the ProFilter Carbon Air Filter stands as an innovative solution for elevating indoor air quality. Its cutting-edge activated carbon technology sets it apart by efficiently capturing pollutants and odors, resulting in cleaner and more invigorating air for a healthier and more enjoyable living or working atmosphere.



  • Recommended Max CFM: 1300 at 0.1 sec
  • Flange: 10" or 12" recommended
  • Outside Diameter: 15.4"
  • Height: 60" / 150cm
  • Weight: 152.2 lbs
  • Carbon Bed Width: 2.6" / 66mm
  • Recommended Fan: Stealth Fan 12" - 1075CFM - code 115380
  • Pressure Drop at Max CFM: 180pa / 75wg