Load image into Gallery viewer, Pro-Mix Hp Biostimulant + Myco Open Top Bag
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pro-Mix Hp Biostimulant + Myco Open Top Bag

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Pro-Mix Hp Biostimulant + Myco Open Top Bag

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Pro-Mix Hp Biostimulant + Myco Open Top Bag 

Introducing the innovative PRO-MIX HP open-top grow bag, a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for  growers. Available in two convenient sizes (1 ft³ and 0.5 ft³ loose-fill growing medium, equivalent to 7 and 3.5 gallons respectively), these grow bags ensure user-friendly plant cultivation with eight pre-made drip holes and an easy tear-off opening.

The open-top grow bags prioritize exceptional aeration in the root zone by providing equal air distribution, enhancing container breathability and encouraging robust root growth. Enriched with mycorrhizae, these bags not only improve root development but also boost water and nutrient absorption, strengthen plant resistance to environmental stressors like drought, compaction, salinity, low fertility, and minimize transplant shock.

Advantages of Open-Top Grow Bags:

Efficient and Economical:

- Reduced labor requirements
- Rapid setup
- Convenient handling
- Effortless tearing
- No additional container necessary

Sanitary Solution:

- Minimized risk of contamination during handling
- Eliminates the need for cleaning or sterilization
- Promotes cleaner growing conditions

Reliable HP Formula:

- Excellent drainage capabilities
- High air porosity
- Lower water retention

Ready-to-Use Design:

- Comes with 8 pre-cut drainage holes
- Unique structure that fosters enhanced root growth
- Optimized leaching of fertilizer salts throughout the crop cycle

Boost your  cultivation success with our PRO-MIX HP open-top grow bags, designed for ease of use and efficient growth.