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Powersun fixture CMH 630W 120/240V

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High-Quality Powersun Fixture CMH 630W 120/240V

Powersun Fixture CMH 630W 120/240V is a high-quality lighting solution that provides optimal lighting for your indoor garden. It is designed to meet the requirements of professional growers who want to optimize their yields and quality.


The Powersun Fixture CMH 630W 120/240V is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and maximum performance. The fixture has a reflector that is designed to reflect the light emitted by the bulbs, making it more efficient and effective than traditional lighting solutions.


The Powersun Fixture CMH 630W 120/240V can be used with either 120V or 240V power supply, making it a versatile lighting solution that is suitable for different indoor gardening setups. It is compatible with CMH bulbs, which are known for their high efficiency, low heat production, and long lifespan. The fixture has a dimmable feature that allows you to adjust the lighting intensity according to the needs of your plants.


If you are looking for a high-quality lighting solution for your indoor garden, the Powersun Fixture CMH 630W 120/240V is an excellent choice. It provides optimal lighting that promotes healthy plant growth, resulting in higher yields and better quality. Order your Powersun Fixture CMH 630W 120/240V now and enjoy free and fast shipping!



• Electronic ballast 120/240V -  Low frequency 50/60HZ
• Size: 23.5’’L X 12.5’’L X 11’’H
• 120V & 240v 6‘ power cords included
• Perfectly complete double socket light systems (more UV)
• More flexibility on light spectrum
• Complete Spectrum + UV
• Coverage area 4’ x 4’