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Alfred Digital pH tester /Temperature Water Resistant Tester,

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Product Description

Alfred Digital pH/Temperature Water Resistant Tester

Introducing the Alfred Horticulture pH-1: Your Trusted Companion for Precision and Reliability in pH Testing!

Are you a hydroponics enthusiast seeking the perfect balance for your plants? Or perhaps an avid gardener looking to optimize your soil's pH levels? Look no further! The Alfred Horticulture pH-1 is here to revolutionize your pH testing experience with its unbeatable combination of affordability, dependability, and water resistance.

Designed with passion and crafted with precision, the Alfred Horticulture pH-1 offers an array of applications that go beyond traditional pH meters. Dive into the world of hydroponics and gardening, where you can effortlessly monitor and adjust pH levels for optimal plant growth. Delve into the realm of aquatic ecosystems, ensuring the perfect pH balance for your pools, spas, aquariums, and mesmerizing reef tanks. Experience the ultimate purity with water ionizers, guaranteeing your drinking water is pristine and refreshing.

What sets the Alfred Horticulture pH-1 apart is its unwavering commitment to accuracy and reliability. No more second-guessing or relying on unreliable pH readings. With its cutting-edge technology, this pH meter provides precise and consistent measurements, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to scientific accuracy!

Don't let water be a limiting factor in your pH testing endeavors. The Alfred Horticulture pH-1 boasts remarkable water resistance, ensuring that even in the face of splashes, spills, or damp environments, it remains steadfast and fully functional. Take it with you wherever your pH testing needs may lead, without any worry about damage or malfunction.

But that's not all! This versatile pH meter is engineered to simplify your life. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it accessible to beginners and seasoned professionals alike. With a sleek and ergonomic design, the Alfred Horticulture pH-1 fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to navigate effortlessly through its features. Its compact size ensures portability, making it a reliable companion for pH testing on the go.

So, why compromise on quality or break the bank when you can have it all? The Alfred Horticulture pH-1 offers an economically priced solution without sacrificing performance, durability, or versatility. Unleash the full potential of your gardening, hydroponics, or aquatic ventures with this remarkable pH meter.

Join countless satisfied users who have embraced the Alfred Horticulture pH-1 and taken their pH testing to new heights. Elevate your understanding, achieve superior results, and make informed decisions that nurture and optimize the environments you care about. Experience the difference today and unlock a world of precision, reliability, and endless possibilities with the Alfred Horticulture pH-1!

Whether you're managing a commercial aquarium or monitoring the pH levels in your home pool, the Alfred Digital pH/Temperature Water Resistant Tester is the perfect tool for accurate readings. This handheld tester features a waterproof design, making it ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the Alfred tester requires no calibration or setup, allowing you to take measurements right out of the box. Its large, easy-to-read LCD display shows pH readings from 0.00 to 14.00 with an accuracy of 0.01, and temperature readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The tester is also equipped with automatic temperature compensation, ensuring accurate readings even in fluctuating temperatures.


The Alfred tester is constructed from durable materials, featuring a rugged, waterproof case that is built to withstand heavy use. Its compact size makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go, while its simple operation and accurate readings make it an invaluable tool for water control in a variety of settings.


Whether you're a professional water manager or a home enthusiast, the Alfred Digital pH/Temperature Water Resistant Tester is the perfect tool for accuracy, convenience, and durability. Order yours today and take control of your water management needs with ease.

The Alfred Digital pH/Temperature Water Resistant Tester is a must-have tool for anybody who needs to monitor the quality of water. This versatile device measures both pH and temperature, providing accurate and reliable readings every time. With its durable construction and water-resistant design, it's perfect for use in a variety of settings, from laboratories to swimming pools and spas.


The pH tester is an essential tool for anyone who wants to make sure their water is safe and healthy. By measuring the pH levels of your water, you can determine whether it is acidic, alkaline, or neutral. This information is critical for maintaining the proper balance in your water, which is essential for the health of your plants, fish, and other aquatic life forms. The Alfred Digital pH/Temperature Water Resistant Tester is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly and easily get the information you need.


One of the key advantages of this pH tester is its high accuracy and precision. It uses the latest digital technology to provide highly accurate readings, with a resolution of 0.01 pH units. This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of applications, from scientific research to quality control and process monitoring. And because it also measures temperature, you can get a complete picture of the condition of your water, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments quickly and easily.


This pH tester is also very durable and reliable, with a sturdy construction that can withstand the rigors of daily use. It's water-resistant, so you can use it in wet environments without worrying about damage. And because it's compact and lightweight, it's easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Whether you're a professional researcher or a hobbyist, the Alfred Digital pH/Temperature Water Resistant Tester is a valuable tool that can help you ensure the quality and safety of your water. Order yours today!