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Optimum Hydroponix Sonic Boost

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Optimum Hydroponix Sonic Boost is a premium hydroponic fertilizer that is formulated to provide essential nutrients to hydroponic plants. It is a complete fertilizer that is highly soluble and quickly absorbed by the plants. With Sonic Boost, you can increase the productivity and yield of your hydroponic plants, resulting in healthier, stronger, and more productive plants.


By using Optimum Hydroponix Base Nutrients and Sonic Boost, you can ensure that your hydroponic plants receive the right nutrients at the right time, making your hydroponic gardening experience more enjoyable and productive.


Sonic Boost is a water-soluble powder that delivers high levels of phosphorous and potassium to plants during flower and fruit development.

Add Sonic Boost to hydroponic garden nutrient solutions at the first sign of flowering and then add at every change of nutrient solution.

Ideal to use with Optimum hydroponix® 2-part nutrient and all other basic fertilizer programs

Detailed description:

- Nitrogen 0%
- Phosphate 39%
- Potash 27%
- Available 100G, 400G, 1KG