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Introducing Nutri+ Seaweeds 

the perfect addition to your garden's fertilization program! Our liquid extract is derived from the premium Ascophyllum nodosum found in the cold waters of Scandinavia. This powerful concentrate is designed to improve the production and overall health of your harvests, ensuring a bountiful yield.

NUTRI+ SEAWEEDS offers an array of benefits to your plants, making it an essential supplement for any fertilization regimen. The deep water extraction process unleashes the full potential of this extraordinary seaweed, unlocking its rich nutrients and organic compounds.

By incorporating NUTRI+ SEAWEEDS into your gardening routine, you'll experience stronger roots, increased resistance to stress, and enhanced nutrient absorption; all while giving your plants the vital nourishment they need for optimal growth and sustainability.

Don't miss out on experiencing the unparalleled advantages of NUTRI+ SEAWEEDS - give your plants the boost they deserve with a nutrient-rich extraction that optimizes performance and unlocks the hidden potential of Scandinavian Ascophyllum nodosum. Invest in NUTRI+ SEAWEEDS today and witness the remarkable transformation in your garden!


The marine algae, rich in natural hormones and trace elements, are used in agriculture for the last decades for:


• The roots growth.

• The formation of shoots and branches.

• The production of chlorophyll.


The MARINE ALGAE liquid extract is an Ascophyllum nodosum concentrate of Scandinavian cold water. It allows improving the production of your harvests. It is an excellent supplement for any fertilization program.

Our seaweeds extract is completely soluble in water