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NUTRI+ ROOT PLUS is a premium rooting gel that is specially formulated to help with plant propagation. This rooting gel ensures quick and healthy root development, ensuring that your plants thrive.


Whether you are propagating houseplants, trees, or flowers, NUTRI+ ROOT PLUS is the ideal choice to make sure you get the best possible results. The key to a successful propagation process is to use a rooting gel that helps plants establish their root systems quickly and efficiently. And that's precisely what NUTRI+ ROOT PLUS does!


Made with a unique blend of nutrients and hormones, NUTRI+ ROOT PLUS helps plants develop strong and healthy root systems that allow them to absorb enough nutrients and water to support their growth and development.


When you use NUTRI+ ROOT PLUS, you'll see results in just a few days. The rooting gel improves the overall health of the roots, reduces transplant shock, and increases the survival rate of the cuttings.


If you're looking to propagate your plants successfully and efficiently, then NUTRI+ ROOT PLUS is the ideal choice for you. With this premium rooting gel, you'll get excellent results for your plants in no time. So give NUTRI+ ROOT PLUS a try today and see for yourself!


Benefits and Features

  • A gel-based format (as opposed to powders) is effective in sealing cut plant tissue and preventing embolism & infection
  • A thick, rich formula, Root Plus clings to plant cuttings even during top watering
  • At 0.20% concentration, Root Plus is the most among potent cloning gel in the hobby and commercial market
  • Mixes with water easily for dilution if desired or for use in propagation machines
  • Protects the stem.
  • Liquid enough for a uniform dosage without excess.
  • Contains IBA (Indole butyric acid), a rooting hormone.
  • Helps the stem to heal the cutting and activates the rooting process.
  • For better results, use together with nutri+ START.