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What is Nutri+ Florasol Calibration Solution TDS 1382 PPM?


Calibration solution for TDS (total dissolved solids) analyzers. A monthly calibration of your equipment is essential to obtain precise results.

Nutri+ Florasol Calibration Solution TDS 1382 PPM is a specially formulated product for use in hydroponic and greenhouse environments. It is used to calibrate TDS meters and ensure accurate nutrient measurement. This solution has a TDS value of 1382 PPM, which is suitable for use in most hydroponic systems.


TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids, which refers to the concentration of dissolved particles in the water, including minerals and nutrients. By calibrating your TDS meter with Nutri+ Florasol Calibration Solution, you can accurately measure the nutrient content of your water and make adjustments as needed to optimize plant growth and health.


This calibration solution is easy to use - simply pour a small amount into a container of clean water, insert your TDS meter, and adjust the reading to match the value on the solution bottle. Regular calibration of your TDS meter is essential for accurate measurements and optimal nutrient management, so be sure to keep a bottle of Nutri+ Florasol Calibration Solution on hand in your grow room or greenhouse.