Method Seven Cultivator Series Grow room glasses


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Cultivator HPS+


Method Seven Cultivator lenses are polycarbonate with 100% UV protection and Flash Silver exterior lens coating. Like other premium eyewear and unlike typical value eyewear, these lenses are decentered (asymmetrical) to eliminate the distortion that would otherwise occur with a curved lens.

The Method Seven Cultivator frame features a rubber nose pad which holds the frames comfortably for hours, even in hot conditions. Microfiber pouch included for proper cleaning and storage.


Method Seven offers a variety of different lens and frame options designed for the intense yellow spectrum of High Pressure Sodium lights. Our Perfect Color HPS lenses are the best grow room glasses, hands down. Made from German mineral glass, "Perfect Color" scratch-resistant grow glasses are optimized for professionals seeking the highest level of performance—and the best yield. Our premium polycarbonate HPS grow glasses are a great value for outfitting larger crews, and are manufactured by Carl Zeiss using Method Seven's unique notch filtering technology. The HPS+ silver coating option is ideal for extra-bright, high wattage environments and crossover use outside. 

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