Maple Glass Pink Color Beaker Bong 14 Inches

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The Maple Glass Bong is 14 inches in height and has 14MM joint size. This Maple Glass Bong is good in size and the weight of bong is 760Gm which is easy to carry. This bong is 5.5mm in thickness that guarantees the good quality of glass!

The bong has Ice Catchers to give you cool smoke. It comes with beautiful bowl and stem having logo on these. It has round mouth piece.

Buy the Maple Glass Collection online from our website and ensure the quality and satisfaction! We have many other bongs in Maple Glass Collection online so make sure you check those out.

 14 Inches
 125mm Base
 Amber | Black | Green | Pink | Blue | Teal Green
 14 Inches
 Maple Glass
*Size color may vary due to hand-made

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