Mad-Lab Nutrients Professionnal Kit

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This kit includes :

  •  Mad-Lab Part 1, 2, 3
  •  Mad-Lab Cal-Mag
  •  Mad Lab Rhizo-Root

Mad-Lab is a proud Canadian company that has developed and tested its recipes directly in partnership with medical cannabis producers.

Mad-Lab's line of basic nutrients is a concentrated three-part formula that promotes plant growth by providing the high-quality nutrients plants need to give you vigorous plants and high-density crops.

Our simple and easy to mix recipe is the most complete on the market so that you can achieve exceptional results. Your plants will receive the optimal balance of primary, secondary and micronutrients. Made in Quebec from reverse osmosis water that ensures the quality of our product and eliminates impurities. Chlorine free.  They are suitable with potting soil, coconut fiber, soil-free mixes and in hydroponics.

Welcome to the Mad-Lab family, you will quickly see why our gardeners love it.

Part 1:

Our part 1 has been carefully designed to provide the right amount of nutrients to your medical cannabis plants which is crucial for their growth and health. This formula provides the necessary amount of chlorophyll for a strong stem shoot which in return carries nutrients between the roots and flowers and produces healthy green leaves.


Part 2:

Our 2nd part contains the optimal amount of oligo-elements responsible for photosynthesis and the proper functioning of the stomata which acts as an enzyme activator. Our formula makes your medical cannabis plants more resistant to drought, cold and cryptogamic diseases (fungus). You will witness explosive growth and flowering.

Part 3:

Our 3rd part is carefully formulated to incorporate the highest quality chelating agents which greatly optimizes the absorption of all nutrients introduced to your medical cannabis plants. Designed to grow your plants to higher and more potent yields.

Mad-Lab Cal-Mag

is a nutrient additive that increases the presence of calcium and magnesium in your plants and helps in preventing nutrient deficiencies. Specially designed to maximize growth and enhance development during the vegetative growth and flowering stages of crops. 

Magnesium is essential to chlorophyll and is directly related to the functioning of the photosynthesis (light absorption). Calcium is a basic element of cells and growth and will provide a powerful boost to vigorous plants with accelerated growth. This special formula will also act as a shield and increases stress resistance to your crops.


Mad-Lab Rhizo-Root is designed to enhance microbial growth in the root zone and stimulate the active development of new roots essential to a plant's success. Mad Lab Rhizo Root is a powerful soil conditioner created to encourage root development, giving plants a solid foundation for vigorous growth. Suitable for growing in soil, coco and hydro culture. For best result, combine Rizo Root Part 1 and Rizo Root Part 2 together 

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