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Lightspeed Pro CMH 315W 208-277V Enclosed

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Introducing Lightspeed Pro CMH 315W 208-277V Enclosed


If you are looking for a high-quality and cost-effective lighting solution, the Lightspeed Pro CMH 315W 208-277V Enclosed is an excellent choice. This grow light is designed to help you achieve the perfect conditions for your plants to thrive, and it offers a range of impressive features to help you do just that.


One of the standout features of the Lightspeed Pro CMH 315W 208-277V Enclosed is its ballast and reflector design. This grow light features an enclosed, low-frequency square wave ballast that ensures the bulb receives a consistent current of power at all times. This helps to extend the lifespan of the bulbs and ensures they operate at maximum efficiency.


In addition to the ballast, the Lightspeed Pro CMH 315W 208-277V Enclosed also features a premium reflector design. The reflector is made from high-quality materials and features a dimpled surface that helps to increase light dispersion and efficiency. This means that you can achieve an impressive level of canopy penetration, which will help to promote vigorous growth and high yields.


The Lightspeed Pro CMH 315W 208-277V Enclosed also uses cutting-edge ceramic metal halide (CMH) technology to provide a high level of spectral output. CMH lamps provide a more complete spectrum of light compared to traditional HID bulbs, which means your plants will receive the wavelengths they need to thrive. In addition, CMH lamps produce less heat than traditional bulbs, which means you can run them closer to your plants without harming them. This helps to further optimize your grow environment.


Overall, the Lightspeed Pro CMH 315W 208-277V Enclosed is an excellent choice for growers who want to achieve optimal results without breaking the bank. With its impressive feature set and cost-effective price point, this grow light is a great investment for any serious cultivator.






  • Low frequency square wave, solid state driver 
  • Wieland plug
  • Micro-processor controlled 
  • Greater total µMol output 
  • Highly efficient µMol output per watt
  • Efficient passive cooling design 
  • Dimmable and programmable driver
  • High temperature shut off
  • Voltage and circuit protected
  • High-heat Powder coated
  • Field serviceable
  • Meets CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 74-96; UL 1029
  • Built in an ISO9001:2000 certified facility
  • CSA certified


  • Lamp not included
  • Wattage: 315
  • Voltage: 208-277V
  • Current: 208V: 1.7A - 277V: 1.3A
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power factor: >0.97
  • Crest factor: <1.6
  • THD: <15%
  • Dimensions: 18.35" L x 8.94" H x 9.49" Wnewage100l
  • Package dimensions: 19.41" L x 10.63" H x 12.36" W