Kind led x² commercial led grow light

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Why Choose Kind LED X² Commercial LED Grow Light?

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When it comes to indoor gardening, the right lighting is crucial for the success of your plants. The Kind LED X² commercial LED grow light is one of the top choices for professionals and hobbyists alike. Here's why:


1. Innovative Design - The Kind LED X² features a unique, square-shaped design that allows for more uniform light distribution. This means your plants will receive the same amount of light, no matter where they're located under the fixture. Additionally, the X² comes with dual-channel control, allowing you to fine-tune the spectrum and intensity of the light for different stages of plant growth.


2. High-Quality Light - The X² utilizes high-quality LEDs that produce a full spectrum of light, including UV and IR wavelengths. This provides your plants with the energy they need for all stages of growth, from seedling to harvest. Additionally, the LEDs are energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional HID lights. This can result in significant savings on your electricity bill.


3. Easy to Install - The Kind LED X² is designed with ease of installation in mind. It comes with adjustable brackets and a hanging kit, making it easy to mount and adjust the height of the fixture. Additionally, the X² is built with passive cooling technology, which eliminates the need for noisy fans or heat sinks.


In summary, the Kind LED X² commercial LED grow light is a high-quality and energy-efficient solution for your indoor gardening needs. Its innovative design, high-quality light, and ease of installation make it an excellent choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Product Description
Spectrum 3 Channel - Fully Adjustable*
Max Wattage 750w (±5%)
Input Voltage 120-277v
PPF 1650 μmol/s
Amperage 6.25A @ 120V / 3.125A @ 240V
Power Factor 0.963 @ 240v
LIfetime >75,000 Hours
Weight 40.2 lbs
Dimensions 39.4” x 39.4” x 4.3”
RMH (Recommended Mounting Height Above Canopy) ± 12”
Cord Type 6' - 120v or 240v
Footprint (RMH) 4' x 4'
Warranty 5 Year
Certifications IP65, FCC