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Jurassic Grow 13.5-0-45

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Jurassic Grow 13.5-0-45

Unlock the Power of Growth with Grow: Your Ultimate Plant Nutrition Solution

Introducing Grow, the groundbreaking plant growth formula meticulously crafted to fulfill all your plants' nutritional needs during the crucial vegetative growth phase. This powerhouse formula packs a punch, delivering the perfect balance of primary nutrients essential for robust green growth. But that's not all – Grow goes above and beyond by providing an additional boost of calcium and magnesium to safeguard against nutrient deficiencies, ensuring your plants thrive at their fullest potential.

Whether you're nurturing young cuttings or tending to mature plants that require a growth spurt before transitioning to the flowering phase, Grow has got you covered. When used at lower concentrations, it provides the perfect nourishment for young cuttings, promoting healthy root development and strong, vigorous growth. For established plants craving increased size and lush foliage, Grow delivers the nutrients needed to reach their full potential.

But the benefits of Grow don't stop there. It's also a valuable asset for stimulating new growth prior to taking cuttings, giving you a head start in propagating healthy plant material. With its concentrated formula, caution is advised when applying Grow. Follow suggested application rates and exceed them with care to avoid overfeeding.

To take your plants' growth to the next level, consider complementing Grow with a foliar spray. This extra step ensures your plants receive maximum vegetative material, leading to an abundance of lush, green foliage.

Experience the remarkable effects of Grow – the ultimate growth companion for your plants. Fuel their journey towards vitality and abundance. Embrace the power of growth with Grow and witness your plants flourish like never before.