Jump Start Soil Heating Cable,12'

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Jumpstart Your Garden with the Soil Heating Cable

The Jump Start Soil Heating Cable is a must-have for any gardener who wants to get their plants off to a great start. This heat cable is designed to warm up your soil and promote faster plant growth, so you can enjoy bigger, healthier plants in no time. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, this soil heating cable can help you get the results you want.


Available in 12', the Jump Start Soil Heating Cable is easy to use and can be installed in just minutes. Simply lay the cable on the soil, cover it with a layer of mulch, and plug it in. The cable will gently warm up the soil, creating a cozy environment for your plants to grow in. With consistent warmth, your plants will grow stronger and healthier, producing bigger yields and better blooms.


The Jump Start Soil Heating Cable is perfect for starting seedlings, rooting cuttings, and growing plants in cooler climates. It can also help extend your growing season, allowing you to start planting earlier in the spring and keep growing later in the fall. With its low energy consumption and easy installation, this heat cable is a great investment for any gardener.


Don't let cold soil hold you back. With the Jump Start Soil Heating Cable, you can give your plants the warmth and care they need to thrive. Order yours today and experience the difference this heat cable can make in your garden.

This delightful heating cable is expertly crafted to meet your soil warming needs. It is designed to warm up to 12 square feet and can be used both above and below soil. Furthermore, it enhances germination and fosters healthy plant growth in chilly climates.

Product Details

Heats 3 square feet

• Gently warms soil for faster germination and better growth
• Built-in thermostat
• Flexible cable fits any growing area

• Water resistant construction
• 32W/120V/0.27A
• Built-in thermostat designed to maintain 77°F-85°F
• Instructions included