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Jack's Classic Citrus FeED 20-10-20 1.5 lb

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Jack's Classic Citrus Feed 20-10-20 1.5 lb

Elevate the health and productivity of your citrus trees with Jack's Classic Citrus Feed 20-10-20. This specially formulated fertilizer is packed with vital nutrients to support the specific needs of citrus plants. With a balanced blend of nitrogen (20%), phosphorus (10%), and potassium (20%), this feed enhances root growth, strengthens branches, and stimulates the production of vibrant foliage and bountiful fruits.

Jack's Classic Citrus Feed 20-10-20 is carefully crafted to deliver essential micronutrients, including iron, manganese, and zinc, which are crucial for optimal citrus health. Whether you have orange, lemon, lime, or grapefruit trees, this feed provides a well-rounded nutrition regimen to ensure robust growth, disease resistance, and exceptional fruit quality.

Give your citrus trees the nourishment they deserve by using Jack's Classic Citrus Feed 20-10-20. Watch as your trees flourish, displaying lush green leaves, abundant blossoms, and a bumper crop of juicy, tangy fruits. With GrowDudes and Jack's Classic Citrus Feed 20-10-20, you can cultivate a thriving citrus garden that will be the envy of every fruit lover.