Hydrobucket DWC 1 Plant Kit


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.The Hydrobuckets allow you to access the nutrient solution without moving the plant, making water changes and monitoring extremely convenient. The purposefully designed side reservoir is perfect for testing pH and EC/ppm, transferring fluid, inspecting roots and interior.

 No more lifting heavy plants and dripping root masses!

 A revolutionary and convenient addition to your deep water culture garden.

Covers for the side reservoir are included with each Hydrobucket


  • Gives you easy access for all your growing needs:
  • Nutrient Solution
  • Test pH and EC/ppm transfer fluid
  • Inspect roots and interior
  • Food grade plastic
  • Unrestricted access to airstones

This kit includes:

  • 1x Hydrobucket
  • 1x Net Pot 6"
  • 1x Alfred Pump 1 Outlet 
  • 1x EcoPlus Medium Round Air Stone
  • 5ft Airline Tubing
  • 2L of Clay Pebbles
  • 1x Grodan Macroplugs (Rockwool cubes)

The Hydrobuckets are made in Canada

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