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Details about GROWONIX 2.5'' X 10'' Pleated Sediment Filter

High flow pleated Sediment filter: This is a washable, reusable, and durable sediment filter with a very low-pressure drop.  Bacteria and chemical resistant.  Great for high flow applications and extended time between filter changes.  Standard in most GrowoniX water filters.


GROWONIX 2.5'' X 10'' Pleated Sediment Filter is one of the best filters available in the market today. It effectively removes impurities from water, making it clean and safe to use. The filter is made from high-quality material, which ensures its durability and efficiency. It is designed to fit in all types of filtration systems and is very easy to install.


The filter is affordable and provides long-lasting performance without any compromise on its quality. It has a pleated design that offers more surface area than traditional filters, which increases its efficiency in removing sediment. The filter has a rating of 5 microns and can remove sediment, dirt, sand, rust, and other impurities from water.


The pleated design of the filter provides several benefits. Firstly, it increases the lifespan of the filter by reducing the pressure drop and extending its service life. Secondly, the pleated design increases the filtration capacity of the filter, allowing it to remove more impurities from water. Lastly, the pleated design offers a large surface area, which means that it can handle a large amount of water flow.


In conclusion, GROWONIX 2.5'' X 10'' Pleated Sediment Filter is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get the best out of their filtration system. It is affordable, efficient, and provides long-lasting performance. So, whether you are using it in your home or your business, you can trust this filter to remove all impurities from water and make it fit for use.