Futur Vert FloaraKing 660W and 530W LED greenhouse top lighting grow light

Futur VertSKU: FM8660WFSG2.5DK+RJUNV

Sale price$1,934.95


Futur Vert LED FloraKing top Grow Light is 60% higher in PPFD, 47% lower in power consumption and 47% less in BTU. FKX series is perfect for all year around indoor greenhouse with is full spectrum you can produce more vegetable with less energy! Our new series is suitable for propagation period, vegetation, flowering, fruiting... This light is perfect for your indoor garden with any kind of crops. with is new power available of 660w and 1700Umol/s and a size of 59inch long by only 5.1inch wide it will created less shade on your crop! With our DLC horticulture certification producer can get back up to 200.00$ from Hydro-Québec in grant for energy saving and up to 1700Umol/s

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