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Doktor Doom Thrip Killer Plus 1L

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Keep Your Garden Thriving with DOKTOR DOOM THRIP KILLER Plus 1L

KILLER 500G is the perfect solution for gardeners who want to keep their plants thriving and healthy. Thriving gardens are often plagued by unwanted pests, such as thrips, which can cause significant damage to vegetation. DOKTOR DOOM THRIP KILLER Plus 1L is a tried-and-true insecticide that effectively eliminates thrips and other pests from your garden.


As an effective insecticide, DOKTOR DOOM THRIP KILLER 500G is designed to provide complete pest control and leave your garden looking lush and vibrant. This powerful insecticide is easy to apply and contains long-lasting properties to ensure that the effects last for weeks.


Using DOKTOR DOOM THRIP KILLER plus 1L is a breeze. Simply apply the insecticide to the affected areas of your garden and wait for the magic to happen. The insecticide penetrates the soil to effectively eliminate the pests from their source.


  • Doktor Doom Thrip Killer Spray is ideal for use on most indoor and outdoor plants, trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables

  • Uses .025% Permethrin which is known for its residual control of insects

  • 360° spray valve, sprays in all directions – even upside down for hard to reach areas

  • Ultrafine spray button provides a great spray pattern with excellent plant foliage coverage

  • For use on food crops up to one day before harvest – check label for durations on specific foods

  • Made in Canada