Doktor Doom House & Garden Insecticide Spray 515g

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For Use as a Spot or Crack & Crevice Treatment.
  • 1 application should do the job if applied according to label instructions
  • Kills Rose Midges, the ONLY PRODUCT available to consumers in Canada for that parasite
  • Kills Bed Bugs and provides Residual control of Bed Bugs
  • Provides 60 day Residual control of Cockroaches
  • Kills Fleas and Ticks and provides Residual control of these insects in pet bedding and other areas
  • Ideal for control of Aphids & White flies on Virginia Creepers, Climbing Vines and all other Plants listed on the label
  • Treat Lights, Window Sills etc to kill and control pesky house flies and all other insects listed on the label
  • UNSCENTED - No obnoxious perfumes

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