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PNG 010 Cycle Timer With Display

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Get precise timing with the PNG 010 Cycle Timer W/ Display

Introducing the PNG 010 Cycle Timer with Display - the perfect solution for all your hydroponic controller needs. This state-of-the-art cycle timer has been expertly designed to provide accurate and consistent control for your hydroponic systems, ensuring your plants receive the optimal care they deserve.

The PNG 010 Cycle Timer boasts an easy-to-read display that keeps you informed about crucial information, such as watering cycles, lighting schedules, and temperature conditions. This user-friendly interface makes setup and adjustments a breeze, affording you the freedom to customize your hydroponic system according to your specific requirements.

As a top-tier hydroponic controller, the PNG 010 Cycle Timer offers numerous key features that will elevate the performance of your indoor garden. With its reliable timing mechanism, you can trust that your plants will be nurtured at the precise intervals needed for robust growth and maximum yield. Additionally, this versatile controller is compatible with a wide range of garden sizes and hydroponic system types, making it an ideal choice for both beginner and experienced growers alike.

Utilize the power of the PNG 010 Cycle Timer with Display for your hydroponic system to ensure that you are providing the best environment possible for coveted plant growth. Trust in this cutting-edge cycle timer to nurture your garden – from seedlings to harvest – all while delivering impressive results every time. Don't miss out on this essential hydroponic accessory; get started on your journey towards an abundant harvest today!


Controls your desired equipment during daytime only, nighttime only or both. Use to time fans, pumps or CO2 or irrigation. Displays time left in the cycle and if the out put is activated or not.

  • Set timer for day time only, nighttime only or both
  • Set on time from 1 minute to 14 hours
  • Set off time from 1 minute to 14 hours
  • Displays time remaining on cycle
  • 3-year warranty
  • 15 Amps/120V/60Hz
  • Made in North America