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CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer

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What is CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer?

CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer

CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer is a new and innovative product designed to boost plant growth. It contains a special blend of plant nutrients and minerals that provide your plants with the essential elements they need to grow and thrive.


Unlike other plant growth enhancers, CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer is completely organic and safe to use around people and pets. It is also environmentally friendly, meaning that it won't harm the ecosystem or pollute the soil.


If you've been struggling to get your plants to grow, or you simply want to give them a boost, CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer is the perfect solution. It's easy to use, affordable, and effective, making it the go-to choice for growers of all levels.


In the following sections, we'll take a closer look at how CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer works, its key benefits and features, and how to use it effectively for optimal results.


Use CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer to shorten your veg by days!
A healthy, vigorous growth phase is essential in building the foundations that lead to big yields.
Growth Enhancer increases the leaf size and chlorophyll density of your plants, accelerating their rate of vegetative growth.
Additionally, Growth Enhancer boosts sugar levels and enhances protein production which results in an overall increased production capacity.
This increased production capacity leads to a much tougher and more durable plant able to sustain an increased final yield.

The Mighty Growth Enhancer...
- Increases leaf area, light interception and utilization
- Increases protein and carbohydrate production
- Increases vigor during vegetative growth
- Increases total yield

Detailed description:

- Nitrogen 11%
- Phosphate 0%
- Potash 0%
- Directions: Shake well before use. Use 1ml/L during the vegetative period and the first two weeks of the flowering period
- Available sizes 1L, 5L

If you're looking for an effective growth enhancer for your plants, the CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer is an excellent choice. It is a premium quality product that can help you achieve bigger and better yields. Moreover, it promotes healthy plant growth, enhances nutrient absorption, and improves soil fertility. Its unique formula also makes it resistant to pests and diseases, ensuring that your plants stay healthy and strong.


So, what are you waiting for? Try CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer today and see the difference it can make in the quality and yield of your plants!