CenturionPro Triple Gentle Cut Bucker W / Stand

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GC refers to "Gentle Cut" as we appreciate and understand how delicate flowers are. This bucker cuts the flowers off the stem, which prevents the large crown buds from breaking apart into smaller pieces. This keeps the structure of the buds fully intact preserving the look of the flower.

Whether you buck wet or dry, the GC3 bucker will successfully destem flower at a rate of 120 lbs (or more) per hour of fully hydrated flowers. This system also provides unparalleled processing capacity and produces over 10,000 cuts per minute with three 0.25HP motors.

  • Bucks wet: 120+ lbs/hr
  • Bucks dry: 24+ lbs/hr
  • Input voltage: 25 Amp - 110V NA / 9 Amp - 220V EU+AUS
  • Workers needed: UP to 3
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Indoor and outdoor stand included with industrial casters (option of flat free off-road tires)

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