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CANNA COGR VEGA A+B 5L - Complete Nutrient Solution for Hydroponic Plants


CANNA COGR VEGA A+B 5L is a two-part hydroponic fertilizer designed for use in the vegetative phase of plant growth. This specially formulated nutrient solution contains all the essential macro and micronutrients that plants need to thrive, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The high-quality ingredients in CANNA COGR VEGA A+B 5L are carefully selected to ensure optimal plant growth and health, helping you achieve the best yields possible.


CANNA COGR VEGA A+B 5L is ideal for use in hydroponic systems and can be used in combination with other CANNA nutrients and additives for even better results. This nutrient solution is easy to use, simply mix the two parts in equal proportions and adjust pH as needed. CANNA COGR VEGA A+B 5L is compatible with all types of hydroponic growing mediums, including COGr and other coconut-based substrates.


CANNA is a trusted name in the field of hydroponic gardening, and their products are known for their quality and effectiveness. If you want to grow healthy, vibrant plants with maximum yields, CANNA COGR VEGA A+B 5L is the perfect choice. Order now and give your plants the nutrients they need to reach their full potential.