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Biocanna Bio Terra Plus Earthmix 50l

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Biocanna Bio Terra Plus Earthmix 50l


Biocanna Bio Terra Plus Earthmix 50l is a high-quality organic soil mix that is perfect for all your gardening needs. With its peat-free formula, this soil mix provides a healthy and sustainable environment for your plants to grow. This soil mix is specially formulated to provide excellent drainage, aeration, and nutrient retention, ensuring that your plants receive the necessary nutrients they need to thrive.


One of the unique features of this soil mix is that it is enriched with beneficial microbes and mycorrhiza. These beneficial organisms help to promote healthy soil structure, improve nutrient uptake for your plants, and protect them from harmful pathogens. The result is healthier, stronger, and more productive plants, with fewer pests and diseases to worry about.


Biocanna Bio Terra Plus Earthmix 50l is also pH balanced to ensure that your plants receive the optimal conditions for growth. Whether you're growing fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, or herbs, this soil mix is perfect for all types of plants. It is easy to use, and you can transplant your seedlings directly into the soil mix without any additional fertilizers or amendments.


In summary, Biocanna Bio Terra Plus Earthmix 50l is a high-quality organic soil mix that provides the perfect growing environment for all your plants. It is peat-free, enriched with beneficial microbes and mycorrhiza, and pH balanced to promote healthy growth. Buy now and experience the benefits of this exceptional soil mix.

Experience the Benefits of Biocanna's Bio Terra Plus Earthmix 50l

The peat that is used is the best quality that can be used and can only be found in a few places around the world. The longer fibre structures of the peat in BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus are much lighter which is an absolute advantage for the plant.


We have deliberately chosen not to add bark fines in to the new Bio Terra Plus. It has been found to be one of the ingredients that acted as an attractant for sciarid flies (fungus gnats). Sciarid flies can  inhibit the growth process of the root.


The CANNA Coco fiber, unsteamed and treated, used in the mix increases the water holding capacity of the medium while providing the correct balance in porosity for optimal air movement and drainage. Bio Terra Plus, in conjunction with the CANNA/ BIOCANNA nutrient line, provides a more balanced approach to Nitrogen for optimal plant growth. Additionally, the lime charge is designed for a longer use period which prvides a more consistent root environment.

New Soil improver is added:

  • Plays a strong role in plant vitality, quality and growth.
  • Provides the best environment for the growth and functionality of beneficial soil bacteria.
  • Avoids nitrate leaching with (drain) water and keeps essential minerals available for plants.
  • Provides an increased water holding capacity with improved drainage properties to ensure a well aerated substrate for faster rooting.

Nutrition regulation

The plant regulates it's needs of nutrients itself, but you need to keep an eye on things to ensure there is the right amount available in the substrate in the first place. If you use too much BIOCANNA Bio Vega or Bio Flores the plant will still take what it needs, but it will create a salt structure which you will need to wash out. If you don't use enough BIOCANNA Vega or Bio Flores it will mean an accelerated consumption of the pre-loaded nutrient in Bio Terra Plus, which can result in a yellowing plant. Please ensure you follow the growschedule of BIOCANNA Bio Vega or Bio Flores correctly.

It's natural, it's easy

BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus provides a continuous release of nutrients. Further it has a stable and predictable soil pH level from start to finish. A stable pH ensures continuous release of essential plant nutrients for the first 4-6 weeks, depending on the type of crop grown. BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus assists you during the entire growing cycle