Best Value Vacs Easy Swing V3 Rosin Press - Dual Heat

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Easy Swing V3 Rosin Press

     We decided to reimagine Rosin for the home user, and are proud to have created an entirely new and unique press with the Easy Swing v3. Now, Coupled with an improved heating plate, we doubled the strength of the compression springs to create an affordable, 900lbs pressure Rosin powerhouse.

Safety Information:  Carefully read all warnings and instructions, and inspect the unit for damage prior to use. Do not use if the unit appears damaged, bent, warped, cracked, or otherwise unsafe for operation.

  • Warning! Shock Hazard. Do not open or modify electrical equipment. No user serviceable parts.
  • Warning! Crush/Pring Hazard. Keep hands clear of the pressing plates. 
  • Warning!: Plates May be hot! 
Brand BVV
Model ESRPV3
Heat Plate Size 3.5" x 3.5"
Temperature Range RT-482°F
Timer Range 0-999 Seconds
Pressure Range 0-900lbs
Voltage 110v
Power 600w
Dimensions 14.96" x 12.60" x 15.75"
Weight 40lbs

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