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Athena Tissue Culture Kit

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Overview of the Athena Tissue Culture Kit - Cloners

Athena Tissue Culture Kit

Efficiently store and conserve all your cultivars in a compact space with the Athena Tissue Culture Procedure. This innovative technique revitalizes old genetics and eliminates plant materials contaminated with hop latent viroid (HLV).

The Culture Kit is a comprehensive package that equips you with all the necessary tools and materials to carry out effective tissue culture procedures from any location. The Flow Hood and Autoclave are meticulously designed for consistent and hygienic operations. The integrated toolbox includes instruments, tissue culture media, and enough supplies to create 120 Culture Vessels (refills can be purchased separately).

The Flow Hood provides a spacious working area with a face velocity of 0.5 - 0.9 m/s, while the Autoclave features a one-touch sterilization function that simplifies the process. The pre-formulated tissue culture media mixes, Roots and Shoots, are already complete with all the required components - simply add water. Additionally, a detailed step-by-step Procedure is included to ensure a successful tissue culture experience.

For usage instructions, refer to the Athena Tissue Culture Procedure guide found on the toolbox lid.

The Culture Kit will be available for worldwide shipping starting January 2023. Don't miss out on this groundbreaking innovation for conserving and preserving your cultivars.

The Athena Tissue Culture Kit is a complete tissue culture cloning kit suitable for the novice or experienced grower. This kit allows growers to cultivate new plants through tissue culture techniques.


The kit includes all the components necessary to manage a successful tissue culture lab, including a growth chamber, sterile laboratory workspace, and all the necessary chemicals and tools. With the Athena Tissue Culture Kit, growers can clone their favorite plants to produce plantlets faster and with higher survival rates than traditional propagation techniques.


The Athena Tissue Culture Kit employs cutting-edge technology to provide the ideal growing environment for plant tissue culture. With this kit, you can easily cultivate new plants using plant tissues instead of seeds, which leads to quicker growth and higher yields.


The Athena Tissue Culture Kit comes with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the cloning process. The instructions are easy to follow and ensure that even first-time growers will have success. Whether you’re looking to expand your garden or start a new one, the Athena Tissue Culture Kit is the perfect tool for the job.