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Athena Pro Balance

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Get Your Garden Growing with Athena Pro Balance Fertilizers

Athena Pro Balance

Athena Pro Balance is a specialized water-soluble pH increaser developed particularly for professional cultivators employing advanced fertigation systems like Dosatron and Netaflex. This product enables growers to tailor the potency of their pH adjustments to suit their unique needs. Pro Balance concentrate can be blended at a ratio of 0.25 - 1 lb. per gallon, enabling adjustments to mix rate and injection rate depending on the desired level of pH modification.


Always don personal protective equipment while handling Athena Pro Balance. Combine at a concentration of 0.25 -1 lb. per gallon (40 - 120 grams per liter) with clean water for best results. Administer as required to elevate fertilizer solution to the desired pH level. Prioritize calibrating your pH meter for optimal precision before taking measurements. Take note that mixing Pro Balance initiates a thermal reaction, causing the solution's temperature to rise during blending. Allow ample time for thorough mixing and cooling before utilizing the concentrate.


Caution: This product possesses corrosive properties towards numerous metals. Avoid contact between its powder or liquid form and aluminum. Maintain distance from low pH substances and ensure storage in a properly ventilated environment. Utilize appropriate PPE, such as a respirator, eye protection, and skin coverings during handling.

Are you tired of plants that just won't grow? Do you struggle with soil that lacks nutrients? Look no further than Athena Pro Balance Fertilizers. Our line of fertilizers is specially formulated to provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need to thrive.


Our fertilizers use a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to ensure your plants receive the right nutrients for healthy growth. We also add trace minerals and micronutrients to promote strong root development, healthy foliage, and vibrant blooms. With Athena Pro Balance Fertilizers, you'll get the results you want without all the hassle.


Our fertilizers are easy to apply and can be used on a variety of plants, including vegetables, flowers, and shrubs. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our products provide the perfect solution for all your gardening needs.


So why wait? Give your plants the nutrients they need to reach their full potential with Athena Pro Balance Fertilizers. Shop now and see the results for yourself!