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Alfred Heat Mat 20" x 20.75"

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Keep Your Plants Healthy with the Alfred Heat Mat

Introducing the Alfred Heat Mat 20" x 20.75" – the ultimate solution for plant propagation and care! This innovative heat mat is specifically designed to provide your seeds and cuttings with optimal temperature conditions, ensuring healthy growth and improved germination rates.


One of the key features of the Alfred Heat Mat is its carefree plug technology, which allows for an effortless installation and use. Simply plug it in and watch your plants thrive in a warm, cozy environment. This high-quality heat mat is perfect for both indoor gardeners and hydroponic enthusiasts who want to give their plants the best possible start in life.


In addition to its modern design, the Alfred Heat Mat offers uniform and consistent temperature distribution, ensuring that every inch of your planting tray receives just the right amount of warmth. Forget about cold spots or overheating – our advanced heating technology has got you covered.


Experience the benefits of healthier seedlings, faster germination, and reduced transplant shock with the Alfred Heat Mat 20" x 20.75". Give your plants a strong foundation to grow upon and invest in this must-have gardening tool today!


Alfred’s Seedling Heat Mat is made from highly durable, waterproof, industrial grade PVC. Thanks to the internal ambient temperature monitor, our heat mats provide consistent, even warming.


Alfred’s Seedling Heat Mat includes a 6 foot power cord and is powered by standard 120V power outlets.

  • Creates a warm environment for seedlings and plants to grow
  • Speeds germination
  • Increases cloning success rates
  • Improves germination and rooting
  • Instructions included on the mat
  • Durable and safe construction
  • Certification MET/cMet, Ce, RoHS
  • 6ft power cord
  • Ideal for use with Alfred’s Seedling Tray and Alfred’s Propagation Dome (sold separately)
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Voltage: 120V 60Hz 40W
  • Size: 20” x 20.75"
  • Weight: 0.69 kg