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Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Bloom B

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pH Perfect® Connoisseur® Coco Grow Part A+B and pH Perfect® Connoisseur® Bloom Part A+B — The Most Sophisticated Base Nutrients Designed EXCLUSIVELY for High-End Coco Coir Set-Ups

So you’re consistently hitting the mark on your coco coir garden…

And you’re feeling confident that you can stretch your yields even further.

After all, you’ve already made the proper adjustments…

And you’ve invested in the most sophisticated equipment for a high-output grow room environment.

But there’s just one thing missing…


Your Plants Are NOT Absorbing Premium Nutrition


And that’s a problem too many growers ignore.

Which is unfortunate, because…

You’ve been so meticulous about setting up everything else in your grow room…

And you’ve honed the skills you need to grow top-shelf bud.

But no matter how much time and effort you’ve put into your grow…

If you’re not feeding your crop best-in-class nutrients

You’re CRIPPLING their potential to produce the largest, sweetest, most potent buds possible.

Picture an Olympic athlete, who gets customized expert coaching and trains on high-end equipment for 6 hours a day.

Do you think he’s eating the same diet as the average athlete?

Of course, he isn’t, and your plants shouldn’t be either. NOT if you want them to outperform the competition and be worthy of a hefty price tag or a pat on the back from the world’s most celebrated growers.

Because the reality is, genetics and the environment can only take your plants so far…

But premium nutrition is the key to unlocking its potential.

Which is why…


Coco Growers Who Want to Fuel Jaw-Dropping Yields Start By Upgrading their Base Nutrients


And put their plants on an exclusive feeding program designed specifically for coco coir.

You see, after years of research and development…

Our team of experts engineered a base nutrient line no other company can match.

They’re called pH Perfect® Connoisseur® Coco Grow Part A+B and pH Perfect® Connoisseur® Coco Bloom Part A+B

And they represent the pinnacle of plants science.

In fact…

We’ve designed these bases with so many advancements, other companies are dying to uncover the closely guarded secrets that help our growers produce lush, explosive, cup-winning yields.

And while we can’t give them all away, we can give you a taste of the coveted technology that makes these nutrients so superior.

For starters, this premium line belongs to…


The Only Brand of Nutrients that Automatically Stabilizes pH in its Sweet Spot!


Imagine all the time and effort you’ll save when you no longer have to spend hours obsessing over the pH levels in your garden!

The idea alone is grower paradise territory…

And because of our proprietary pH Perfect® technology

It can become YOUR reality.

That’s right.

You’ll NEVER have to deal with pH pens or meters again if you don’t want to.

When you use pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow A+B and pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A+B

  • Your pH levels will land within the optimal range for nutrient absorption
  • You’ll ensure all your nutrients stay available to your plants at ALL times
  • You’ll never need to buy another bottle of pH Up and Down again!

Now, even if we sent you home with just this alone in hand . . .

You’d already enjoy a more efficient plants grow.


Our ultra-premium coco base nutrient goes FAR beyond that.

Remember, we spared no expense in engineering this product for the most dedicated growers.

Which is why you’re also getting…


The Widest Range of Micronutrients and Chelation Possible


So you can rest assured your plants absorb a robust menu of powerful nutrition for lush vegetative growth and prolific flowering.

You see when you put this ultra-premium base nutrient to work in your garden…

  • Multiple amino acid complexes provide additional nitrogen source that get to work with valuable micronutrients by your root zone
  • Humic acids support better chelation and pH buffering… Building the optimal conditions for maximum nutrient absorption
  • A surfactant spreads and sticks nutrients to roots and root hairs, so they remain available to the solution

But wait…

There’s MORE!

We also wanted to engineer a product that resolves the most pressing problems of coco coir growers like you…


So We Tweaked our Formula to Work WITH Coco Coir, Not Against It


Because here’s the thing…

It’s a known fact that calcium and magnesium bind to coco coir…

And even though it’s a fantastic growing medium, it can lock out these critical micronutrients.

Isn’t it the worst, when you choose coco for its countless benefits, and end up starving your crop by accident?

Obviously, this is something you want to avoid at all costs.

And knowing this, we engineered our pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow A+B and pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A+B with calcium and magnesium.


We didn’t just throw any old form of these micronutrients into the mix.

This isn’t a “mix ‘em together and hope for the best” formula.

This is a premium solution… Backed by hard science.

In fact, we went to great lengths to ensure your new base nutrient includes diversely chelated forms of only the highest-quality calcium and magnesium available

So you NEVER have to worry about nutrient leaching, and can rake in the many advantages of coco coir instead.

Also, keep in mind, coco coir already hosts an abundance of potassium.

So, we tweaked the PK ratio to safeguard your  plants from potassium toxicity.

And finally, we went a step above and beyond what most coco nutrients supply…


And Added the Missing Piece of the Coco Coir Puzzle


Because here’s the thing…

Many experienced coco growers use coco-friendly nutrients…

And are still left disappointed by failing yields.

It’s frustrating.

Especially when you’re a high-end grower who’s already gone the extra mile to optimize your grow room conditions.

Well, after running countless tests…

We made a breakthrough discovery for coco coir growers.

As it turns out, that missing piece to your grow puzzle is extra IRON.

That’s right. Adding iron to your coco coir grow is JUST as important as adding extra calcium and magnesium.

And we included OPTIMAL ratios of chelated iron… in multiple forms… to ensure your plants enjoy the ideal conditions to rev up and maintain peak performance.

And now, when you feed your plants pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco line, they’ll…


Finally Soak Up the Sophisticated Nutrition High-End Growers Like You Deserve


The bottom line is this…

If you want to grow explosive yields of heavy, potent bud

And you’re ready to put the best plants on the market…

The kind of flowers the most discerning consumers will pay top dollar for . . .

That’ll blow your friends away the second they walk into your grow room…

Then your ONLY choice is the pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow A+B and pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A+B.

You’ve earned the right to boast about your heavy, potent flowers. Don’t miss out on this one last step to cultivating champion yields.

You have no good reason not to try it out in your grow because we’ve backed this ultra-premium base nutrient with…